We believe that a law firm is best judged by the cases it has undertaken and the results obtained. The sample of cases below which Adair Barristers’ lawyers have litigated to judgment and/or conclusion upon appeal demonstrate our capabilities, the range of our experience and the results we achieve for clients.


Cricket Canada v. Syed

2017 ONSC 3301

Adair Barristers (Jordan Goldblatt)  was counsel to Cricket Canada in a succesful application to set aside an arbitrator's award which proposed to direct members of a not for profit corporation in respect of corporate governance matters. The decision was the subject of a story in the Law Times published on August 14, 2017. 

Tracy v. Iran

Adair Barristers successfully represented the plaintiffs in this claim to enforce a foreign judgment against the Republic of Iran under Canada's Justice for Victims of Terrorism Act. The case is the first terrorism claim to be litigated in Canada, and our clients were successful in obtaining an Order recognizing the foreign judgment and permitting execution against assets that Iran argued enjoy diplomatic immunity. The case involved significant novel issues in the areas of state immunity and diplomatic immunity, and received substantial media attention in both Canada and Iran.

Onex Corp. v. American Home

2014 ONSC 6918

Adair Barristers (Geoff Adair and Khalid Janmohamed) acted for Onex Corporation and recovered judgment after trial against American Home Assurance Co. for $15 million USD in this hard fought directors and officers liability insurance case.

Couper v. Nu-Life

Adair Barristers acted for the plaintiff in this breach of contract claim. After a four-week trial, the plaintiff's action was allowed, with the plaintiff being awarded damages and costs in excess of $1,600,000. The case is significant because the plaintiff had to prove the existence of a contract despite not having any signed document, and Adair Barristers succeeded in establishing that there was a meeting of the minds on all material terms. The defendants also moved for a mistrial on the basis of an alleged reasonable apprehension of bias, and Adair Barristers successfully defeated that motion.

Levine v. Kumer

Adair Barristers LLP acted for the Applicant shareholders in this oppression remedy claim in a family business. The Applicants were successful on every point in the litigation, resulting in a court-ordered buyout of their shares. The trial judge rejected the Respondent's evidence as not credible after cross-examination by our lawyers.

Orr v. Metropolitan Condominium Corp. No. 1056

2014 ONCA 855

Adair Barristers represented the successful appellant, Kelly Orr (Rainville), in this appeal to the Ontario Court of Appeal involving a claim for damages for negligent misrepresentation by MTCC 1056 and Brookfield in the issuance of an estoppel certificate to the plaintiff.

Longo v. McLaren Art Centre

2014 ONCA 526

John Adair successfully represented the plaintiffs in this appeal from a Superior Court decision dismissing the plaintiffs' claim. John satisfied the Court of Appeal that the plaintiffs had not missed a limitation period and that the summary judgment motion judge erred in finding that they had. The Court allowed the appeal and awarded costs to the plaintiffs.

DHMK v. Mund Real Estate Group Inc.

2014 ONSC 2875 and 2014 ONSC 5064

Geoff Adair and Khalid Janmohamed successfully defended this application in which a commercial real estate investor, the Mund Real Estate Group, sought specific performance with an abatement of the purchase price of a $5 million medical facility in Newfoundland.  The firm's client was awarded damages in its cross application and substantial costs throughout.

Bennett v. Islamic Republic of Iran

[2012] O.J. No. 5096 (S.C.J.) and [2013] O.J. No. 4122 (S.C.J.)

John Adair, Gord McGuire and Khalid Janmohamed represent the plaintiffs in an action to enforce a judgment against Iran for supporting terrorism. Our firm obtained a Mareva injunction against Iran, the first injunctive relief ever in Canada against a foreign state and the first such use of the new Justice for Victims of Terrorism Act. We also successfully obtained a Mareva injunction over Iran’s diplomatic property, a matter involving complex issues of international law.

Chapman v. Benefit Plan Administrators Limited

[2013] O.J. No. 3035 (S.C.J.)

Adair Barristers acts for the representative plaintiff Brian Chapman in this pensioners’ class action which was recently certified against defendant trustees, administrators and actuaries alleged to have been negligent in the administration of the Eastern Canada Car Carriers Pension Plan.

Canadian Premier Life Insurance Co. v. Sears Canada Inc.

2010 O.N.S.C. 3834

Geoff Adair and John Adair acted for Canadian Premier Life Insurance Company in this complex contractual dispute with Sears Canada Inc. over the ownership of a valuable “book of business”. The decision cited above was at the time one of the leading cases in Ontario on then recent rule changes governing summary judgment motions. The action was ultimately settled.

D.M. Drugs v. Bywater

[2013] O.J. No. 2486 (C.A.)

Geoff Adair was retained by trial counsel for several North Bay property owners to respond to an appeal by the insurer of the Parkview Hotel in a case arising out of a major fire in downtown North Bay, Ontario. Geoff and Khalid Janmohamed were successful in having the Parkview Hotel’s appeal dismissed.

Coventree Inc. Lloyd’s Syndicate

[2012] O.J. No. 2287 (C.A.)

Geoff Adair and Jennifer King acted for Coventree Inc. in obtaining judgment for $5 million against the insurer for failure to pay the amount owing to the firm’s client under a directors’ and officers’ liability insurance policy. The insurer appealed to the Ontario Court of Appeal. Adair Barristers successfully obtained a dismissal of the appeal and a dismissal of the insurer’s further attempt to seek leave to appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada.

Grenville Christian College v. Cavanaugh

[2012] O. J. No. 2293 (S.C.J.)

Adair Barristers acted for Grenville Christian College in defending this $400 million class action brought on behalf of former students. Certification was denied bringing an effective end to the proceeding as a class action. The prospective representative plaintiffs have appealed.

John Doe v. Bennett

[2004] 1 S.C.R. 436

Geoff Adair acted for the appellant Roman Catholic Episcopal Corporation of St. George’s in this significant case addressing the issue of vicarious liability for intentional torts and the responsibility of an unincorporated association (the Roman Catholic Church) for such wrongs.

Vytlingam v. Citadel

[2007] 3 S.C.R. 373 (S.C.C.)

Geoff Adair acted for the appellant Citadel Assurance Company in successfully appealing this matter to the Supreme Court of Canada. The appeal resulted in a landmark decision establishing the ambit of use and operation of a motor vehicle as defined in all insurance policies.

Saskatchewan WTF Taekwondo Assn. Inc. v. Taekwondo Canada

2015 ONSC 2937

Jordan Goldblatt acted for seven provincial sports associations, members of Taekwondo Canada, who had been “unjustly frustrated” in their attempt to remove sitting Directors of that organization. The application resulted in the calling of a special meeting of members, where a dissident slate of Directors were elected. 

Vetro v. Canadian National Exhibition Association

2015 ONCA 87

Jordan Goldblatt successfully acted for the Canadian National Exhibition Association in this case considering the circumstances where a bankrupt can pursue civil proceedings.

Crinson v. City of Toronto

[2010] O.J. No. 216 (C.A.)

John Adair was retained by the plaintiff’s trial counsel to appeal the trial judgment dismissing the plaintiff’s claim. John successfully overturned the trial resulted and obtained judgment in favour of the plaintiff. This was the first appellate case to consider new notice provisions in Ontario’s Municipal Act.

Re Baldwin

2014 CanLII 39082 (ON OCCO)

Jordan Goldblatt acted for workers of the Catholic Children’s Aid Society in an inquest into the death of young person killed by his grandparents. 

Lee v. 1435375 Ontario Ltd.

2013 ONCA 516

Jordan Goldblatt successfully appealed a motion judge’s decision that permitted a purchaser to resile from an agreement of purchase of sale on the basis of a perceived error in zoning.

Morris v. Johnson

2012 ONSC 5824

Jordan Goldblatt successfully acted for two residents of Aurora who had been sued for defamation by their mayor weeks before an election. The Court accepted that the litigation had been strategic litigation against public participation (“SLAPP”), and ordered the mayor to pay substantial indemnity costs to Mr. Goldblatt’s clients.

(Re) Sharpe

SDRCC 12-0179

Jordan Goldblatt was counsel for a former Olympic Medalist who had received a lifetime ban from sport following the Dubin Inquiry. Mr. Goldblatt’s client’s lifetime ban was overturned, and he is now a leading Canadian track coach. 

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